Monday, September 14, 2009

ACORN offers tax advice for underaged prostitution

UPDATE 4: And again, with a splash of murder!

UPDATE 3: Breaking: Senate votes to cut off federal funding for ACORN There's GOTTA be one more video, and if I were they, I'd release the most outrageous one last.


UPDATE 1: Not once, but TWICE! Is this part of the training course or something?!

Officials with the controversial community organizing group ACORN were secretly videotaped offering to assist two individuals posing as a pimp and a prostitute, encouraging them to lie to the Internal Revenue Service and providing guidance on how to claim underage girls from South America as dependents.

Watch the videos and read the transcripts here.

Our tax dollars at work.

Where did I get this story? Was it from CNN? NBC? ABC? Oh, no, it was from Fox, and the internet.

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DirtCrashr said...

It's how they generate a little happiness and extra cash in the doleful realms of public housing...