Monday, September 14, 2009


Bigotry is an ugly thing.

It's disgusting that these people are so blatant about it.

No shame at all.

Let me provide some quotes;
Well they figured out what I was gay and started trash-talking me and insulting me and threatening violence to me.

So they asked if I was Muslim and I said yes I am. They asked me to leave. I've never spoken to those people again.

...and was horrified to discover my African heritage. I never told her about it because of my two previous bad experiences I had stopped telling people and decided to lie about it if someone asked. Anyways she was shocked and horrified and never returned my calls after that night.

Well my buddy and I are leaving together and he was telling me that she wanted him to make me leave because I was disabled. I was really caught off guard by it.

Oh, no, wait...

He wasn't gay, or Muslim, or black, or disabled either...

Click here to find out "what" he was.

Special thanks to Joe for the idea. I think it's a winner.

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