Thursday, September 24, 2009

Oakland PD dances in cops' blood to advance gun control agenda???

From an earlier post:
I'm not so cynical as to postulate that [Oakland PD] wish to allow people to continue to believe this felon was able to obtain a fully automatic AK-47 and used it to gun down these officers just because they want to use the deaths of these officers to progress a political agenda of gun control.


Oakland Tribune: Gun-rights group sues for information in police killings
...with Calguns saying the public has a right to know what kind of weapons were used and the city arguing that the information it could hinder an ongoing police investigation...
Calguns maintains that without additional information, it is impossible to tell whether the weapons in question — a semi-automatic pistol and an SKS rifle — had magazines with more than 10 rounds.

"This terrible event, with Lovelle Mixon killing the four officers, was apparently used as a springboard for (the proposed legislation)," said Kevin Thomason, an attorney for Calguns. "If they weren't in fact high-capacity magazines, the public has a right to know this potential law is based on erroneous information."

Never underestimate how low the gun-grabbers will sink to advance their agenda.

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