Tuesday, September 15, 2009

An odd thought

So, if Obama (correctly) commented that Kanye West is a "jackass," does that mean he watched the VMAs?

If not, does that mean he asked a staffer to watch the VMA's for him and report the items of interest?

If not either of those, then does that mean the emm tee vee vee emm ayys are a topic of interest enough to be raised in the Obama administration? I mean, I really can't see everyone sitting down to talk about the dire economic straits the country is in, and someone saying "So, d'jya catch the VMAs?" It's even harder to imagine the answer to such a question would be, "No! Hang on with all that unemployment stuff, tell us everything that happened!"

So, how exactly DID Obama come to this information?

Just curious...

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Joe Markowitz said...

After his little stage moment, Kanye also immediately called the president to complain. Obama told Kanye there was nothing he could do about it, and then told a reporter that Kanye is a jackass. I'm sure that's how it happened. What I don't know is whether the president will be so quick to take Kanye's calls in the future.