Thursday, September 24, 2009

Coming to an ebay auction near you...

PRE-BAN "Plush" Toilet Paper!

Actually, the environmentalists would probably make sure it was ILLEGAL to transfer "plush" toilet paper, which will no doubt give birth to...

The Plush Toilet Paper Black Market!

But seriously, this is fucking retarded. If the environmentalists had their way, we'd be squatting in ditches, naked.

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Mikee said...

I am certain that manufacturers of plush toilet paper can relabel their product as "Rolls of plush writing paper" and sell them at the same price (for purposes of writing on rolls of paper, of course).

I recall when Nixon or Ford tried price controls on items like sirloin steaks, suddenly London Broil was avaiable at a higher price and sirloins were not to be found. And wiping my backside in comfort is more important than an occasional steak, believe you me.