Thursday, September 03, 2009

Spoken like someone who hasn't been to a Ca gunshow in years

UC Davis emergency medicine physician Garen Wintemute will report the results of his observational study of 28 gun shows in California, Nevada, Florida, Arizona and Texas. The study found California's more stringent gun control laws are associated with a lower incidence of anonymous, undocumented gun sales and illegal "straw" purchases. California gun shows also were less likely to sell military-style assault weapons.

Uhhh... No.

Anyone who has even peeked through the fences of a California gun show will see ARs and AKs galore. Ever since the gaps in California's AWB were discovered, and the CaDOJ failed to head us off at the pass (the ineptitude astounds), California gun shows have caught the EBR disease.

As I stated earlier;
A few years ago there was ONE booth selling AR lowers, and a bunch of people standing 8 feet away, expecting a Sheriff to tackle and arrest them if they go too close. Now, EBRs consume around 25% of the firearms offerings at the show. The genie is out of the bottle, and all the threats in the world won't get it back in.

I don't know what California gunshow this guy claims to have attended, but his claim is false.

From Tam

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