Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Why do I need an AR???

This question has been posed to me, and I've refrained from explaining the real reason because I wanted to have time to make my reasons clear and understandable. I will do that here.

There are really three reasons I wish to own an AR type rifle. One is patriotic, one is practical, and the last is a bit morbid.

1. The AR-15 is America's rifle. It fought and continues to fight on fronts all over the world in the hands of Americans. It is a symbol, and has served this country well.

2. This is really an argument for carbines. Having a short-to-mid range, rapid fire, carbine with decent penetration is the yin to a shotgun's yang. Even the largest, most intimidating, room-broom still has disadvantages. Is there a perfect, well-rounded weapon that has a balance of both worlds? Probably. But I'd rather have selection of two weapons that are optimized for different situations than pick one that will have any shortcomings in the situation I need to employ it in. Like settling on a wagon when you really need a small, fuel efficient car, and a large truck.

3. The SHTF situation. If America becomes occupied or threatened by forces foreign or domestic, there's about a 50/50 chance they will be carrying weapons that use 5.56 (.223) ammunition. Which will be extremely important in mounting any kind of resistance. What's the other 50% chance? They will be using 7.62 ammunition. And yes, I am looking into getting an AK type.
Some have said they do not understand my third reason. I was tactfully suggesting that we may, one day, have to turn our weapons on our own government (in the form of our military), and they will undoubtedly be using AR-type weapons which will fire the same ammunition as my AR. The decision was a question of ammunition availability in the case that ammunition is taken away from citizens.


ChargeOfQuarters said...

Good luck getting either of those two rifles in Cali; if you know how to do it legally, let m eknow.

As for me, I own a Mini-14 (I know, not the best). It is a good rifle, and with some relitviely inexpensive mods, is a reliable shooter.

Keep up the good work.

Fletch said...

You CAN have an AR is the people's republic of California. It just has to be slightly neutered...

You can find a FAQ type page here, on how it's possible. Take the time to review the forums, as they have lots of information too;

You may learn (as I did) that time may be a factor in your proposed purchase of an AR lower reciever, I'd recommend doing business with the fine people at Cold War Shooters.

Haji said...

Some of my Cali friends have nicer AR's there than I do in Pretty-Damn-Free Kentucky! I guess its like the ol' hot rodders used to say: "Speed is a question of money. How fast do you wanna go?"

Seems to me your reasoning behind choosing an AR is very solid.

Anonymous said...

Come up to Oregon, and buy one here. You can have practically anything in Cali, you just can't buy it there!