Saturday, June 24, 2006

Secretly a metal-head?

I didn't need to hear very much metal music before I decided I didn't want to hear any more. That was quite some time ago, and I've just ignored the genra entirely. This morning I found this video (via SouthParkPundit) that played some metal in the background (DragonForce, "Revolution Deathsquad" great name eh?), I wasn't too impressed with the music, but liked the video so I wound up watching it quite a few times...

On the third or fourth watching, I began to realize that I was just doing it for the music. So I unleashed some Google-fu, and downloaded the track myself, along with a few other from the same artist, and have been listening to them non-stop since.

After you get past the shock of what you're listening to you begin to pick out the tune, and follow the song. Or maybe you just rock out uncontrollably...

It kills me that I would have never looked for metal to listen to, and would have missed out on this entirely. Cheers to trying new things, and revisiting the old!

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