Saturday, June 24, 2006

I'm a sucker for a beautiful knife...

There's a difference between "cheap" and "inexpensive."

You're looking at it.

It was the strangest thing... I never liked CRKT's M16 series of knives. No appeal whatsoever. Knew all about them, even tried liking them; I couldn't put my finger on it, just didn't care for them. Two days ago, I woke up thinking about them (I must have had a dream about them), and by 1pm, I knew I needed to hit the knife shop some time this week.

On my way home today I called my friend to make sure he was going to be coming to the range, he was, and I was going to pick him up. Guess what was on the way? The knife shop. I wanted to go with my friend and girlfriend to the range ASAP. (it was the end of a tough week, who wouldn't?) But would I postpone my range visit just to look at knives??? Guns vs knives, eh? Of course I would!

So after 15 minutes of perusing the M16 series, I found this. Deceptively smooth knife for a deceptively low price. It's a compact, so it's impressively thin, and the aluminum construction makes it very light. The "Carson Flipper" makes fast opening easy, and the curves of the handle somehow manage to fit my hand perfectly in the forward and downward position. This is a nice knife. I can see this easily settling into a sub-EDC position in my knife collection. Plus, I was getting my Benchmade 940 sharpened, and I couldn't just walk out of there without a blade on me!

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Firehand said...

I've got a CRKT I always carry. Found it on sale at the big Tulsa gun show a few years ago, and it's been in my pocket since.

Except for a problem with a couple of screws coming loose(threadlocker is almost liquid duct tape) I've had no complaints.