Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Novice silk screening

I'd had an interest in it before, and have finally gotten around to trying it out.

Well, not entirely. I'm actually doing a half-assed version using those cross-stitching hoops. I still use actual silk screen (2 yards for $1.35!), and the right paint, but I just use glue instead of a photo receptor to get the design in the screen. The results have been promising, but using this method, I'm restricted to small, relatively simple designs.

After an extended Sunday session, I have a sketch of mine on a one shirt, and a glider on the other. I did rather like walking around with a big glider on my shirt, knowing that most of the people who saw it would wonder what on earth I had on my shirt, and that a select few would understand.

For now, I'd like to stay within the boundaries imposed by the method I've chosen. I think it will force me to become more creative with my designs. Plus, the main benefit of silkscreening is to be able to mass-produce designs quickly, cheaply, and easily. For now... I have no need for that. Just being able to put my designs on a few shirts is good enough.

I have no doubt that I'll pick up the correct equipment, and make a few screens for some quality designs, but for now, I'm happy with a few simple designs.

The power to make my own (very professional-looking) t-shirts has made me spend more time drawing up more designs. Of course, the design constraints have helped me to get more designs out. Without constraints, I usually just spin my wheels and accomplish nothing.

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