Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Reasoning myself into working out.

Blast. I think I've finally trapped myself into going to the gym more often using my own logic.

I'm really big on being prepared, I carry a few tools with me, and have three sets I keep in my car, at home, and at work. This keeps me from having to drag my pants behind me with the weight of at least 4 different tools to be prepared. My personal carry is a Benchmade 940 (quite possibly the best knife ever made) (for me!), and a swiss card with a LED light, pin, blade, pen, and screwdriver set (I'll find a link, it's the only swiss card that isn't completely worthless). I like being prepared.

I was reading some accounts of people getting into dangerous situations, and diffusing dangerous situations, and I kept worrying about my physical abilities. I weight trained pretty heavily years ago, ran track, and worked myself into a 5'9" 210 pound sculpture. After I stopped my muscles lost tone, but not mass, they became for show. When I started working in the NOC two and-a-half years ago, I've slowly gained 10 pounds, and developed a spare tire that I'm a little sensitive about. I recently joined a gym, but the membership fell into very sporadic use (as most gym memberships do).

My concern was primarily my ability to sprint at least a quarter of a mile, stamina, and the ability to lift myself with my arms.

Currently, I can sprint about an 1/8 of a mile before becoming useless, and can run about 3 miles before becoming useless. I can do about 15 pull-ups, and doubt my ability to raise myself over an obstacle quickly or to jump to grab onto something, and climb over it.

This will not do. In order to be well prepared, there's no way around being able to perform these simple physical tasks. If I want to be prepared for dangerous situations, I must work out.

I seem to have my motivation, lets see how I do...

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