Monday, December 22, 2008

You're doing it wrong!

Driving in today I saw one of those electronic highway signs lit up with the following message;


There are several things wrong with this message.

1. The way it reads, you have been asked not to text and drive on January first. What about all the other days?

2. It is a recommendation. It should read something more forceful; "Texting and driving is illegal" or "No texting and driving." Or at least something more obvious. "Text and drive/ $50 fine."

3. Texting while driving is already illegal, and can get you a fine based on an existing vehicle code violation. Same with cell phones, eating while driving, or having your dog on your lap while driving. It's called driving while distracted.

4. The legislature is fiddling while Rome burns. They're making redundant, unnecessary, do-nothing, feel-good policy while the state's budget plunges past the point of no return.

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