Wednesday, December 03, 2008

And you're not on the IRC Channel, why? Part 2

Stingray: Hey, a nuclear reactor will power one hell of a still.
dixie: nuclear powered alcohol!
Unix-Jedi: think about the steam pipes that could get repurposed
Atomic_Fungus: no no, nuclear-powered STILL. The alcohol should remain non-radioactive for great justice.
Unix-Jedi: and the guy named.. atomic.. fungus.. is telling us this
* ET 's eyes water up at the idea of a nuclear-powered still
ET: it's.... beautiful...
pdb: I'm still waiting for an engineering diagram of the nuclear trebuchet
Atomic_Fungus: Look, if YOU want to drink radioactive whiskey, YOU go right ahead.
ET: hmmm... hydrolic-assisted trebuchet?
* ET sketches furiously
Unix-Jedi: Dude, if you can't see how that would go together...
bhwhite: oh. my. god.
bhwhite: i just tuned back in.
bhwhite: i can see i have been missing something WONDERFUL

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