Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sick day and nyquil nonsense

Sick days are great when you're not sick.

I bundled up like I usually do when I'm sick, and hobbled through the rain to CVS. We need more Nyquil.

I spotted something a little different. Nyquil with an extra consonant. "D."

It was more expensive so, I just figured the "D" meant delicious or something, and went for it. Nyquil is so important, there's no sense in skimping.

Cashier: Hi, do you have a cvs card with-- Where did you get this? On the shelf?
Me: On the shelf.
CS: Oh. This isn't supposed to be out there. I need your ID.
Me: ... You need to be 21 to buy Nyquil?
I open my wallet to him so he can check my ID for some fucking reason.
CS: No, I need your ID. Can you take it out please?
I remove my ID, and hand it to him. He checks the information and seems to be entering it into the computer.
CS: I gotta do it because this has sudafedrine.
Fucking retarded.
Me: I need Nyquil more than I need meth.
CS: It's fine, I just need to put you into the system.
Me: Forget it. I'll get the regular kind.
CS: No, you're already in here. I just swipe it, and it comes up.
Me: I'm already in there?
CS: Yeah.
Me: Fine. Go ahead.
CS: Don't worry, this is better than the regular kind.
Me: I don't care about better. I care about being preemptively tracked just in case I decide to do something bad. I care about my information being all over the place.
CS: Don't worry, our computer system is secure.
Me: Wrong. That's what I test for a living. I don't even know if your system is insecure, and I already know your system is insecure.
CS: ... Have a nice day.

Can't even buy some fucking Nyquil without submitting to a search, and having your purchases tracked by the state.

Good fucking luck to all of us. We're going to need it.

...sooner than later.

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry about it. Trust us - everything is okee dokee.