Friday, December 19, 2008

Do me good - Amy Winehouse

Blame Liberty for getting me listening to her stuff.

Pretty fucking impressive, plus I'm a sucker for the jazzy sound.

Thanks Liberty!

UPDATE: Shit, this is good too!

Amy, Amy, Amy


JP said...

I prefer Madeleine Peyroux over Amy. Bajka also has a sweet, sweet, voice.
Erin McKeown is really good as well.
And Sky, formerly of Morcheeba? I'd marry the woman for her voice alone, even she isn't the loveliest looking lady in the world, not that she is ugly mind you. . . but that voice.

You are listening to I hope? lots of fine voices played on Bill's little intratubular lash-up.

Anonymous said...

It is too bad the drugs got to her. Haggard doesn't begin to describe her current condition.

Anonymous said...

Strictly for reference.......