Monday, December 15, 2008

Do not meddle in the affairs of hackers

... for you use technology far too much.

I've been receiving unsolicited SMS messages on my cell phone lately, from the same sender.
The first one, I let pass, thinking it was just a random blast.
The second one, I replied to the SMS asking that I be removed.
The THIRD one, I called the number I was supposed to call, and told whoever answered that I wanted off his list. He told me to reply with an "X." I did.
The FOURTH one, I called the number directly, and got a voice mail. I left a message making myself very clear that if I was not removed from his list, I would pursue more official channels.

He mentioned his name on the voice mail, so I did a quick google search followed by a few more pointed searches. I quickly found his picture, his address, his (insecure) website hosted with a service I know to have insecurities, his myspace and facebook accounts, and where he seems to be currently employed (along with sites for rdp and mail for this company).

With just this information, I could childishly annoy him, cramp his business to the point that it would no longer be profitable, or put him under serious scrutiny of several three letter acronym government agencies, and everything in between.

With a little more effort, and a little more information, I'd be able to do a lot worse.
A lot worse.

Spammers piss me off.


Paul said...

Do it, and blog it!

Gudis said...

Just dump the info on 4chan and let the chips fall where they may.