Monday, December 01, 2008

Overheard at work

Coworker 1: No, Bush was just an idiot.
Coworker 2: Yeah, that's why Obama is surrounding himself with smart people.
Me: So, Bush is an idiot because he surrounds himself with smart people, but Obama's inexperienced, so it's good he's surrounding himself with smart people.
CW 2: No, Obama's experienced. That's why he won. We're not going to elect someone who's inexperienced.
Me: John McCain, as much as I hate him, spent more time in a Vietnamese prison than Obama spent in the Senate!
CW 1: No, he's surrounding himself with smart people so he has a wealth of knowledge.
Me: Right.
CW 1: At least we can agree that Bush is a moron.
Me: Yeah, he's pretty dumb. I'll bet Obama got way better grades than Bush.
CW 1: Yeah, way better.
Me: Of course, we may never know, because Obama refused to release any of his grades.
CW 2: Yeah he did.
CW 1: Of course he did.
Me: No, he most certainly did not. Look it up. I'm sure you'd be ripping Bush a new one if he didn't release HIS grades.
CW 1: Well, Bush bought his grades.
CW 2: Yeah, no arguin' that.
Me: Should I even ask for evidence?
CW 2: They don't leave evidence!
CW 1: Yeah.

Yikes. Just yikes. You think they know how bad they've got it? Lets hope not.


Anonymous said...

It is useless to argue with true believers. There is literally nothing you can say that will get past their logic firewall.

Fletch said...

That's the problem. These are intelligent guys that apparently were just swept up in this nonsense.

I expected better of them.

I hold out a glint of a hope that they'll do some google searches.