Thursday, December 11, 2008

Overheard at work - pointless dinosaur edition

Troubleshooting an issue, I get an idea of what the problem might be, and promptly change it.

I then undergo an internal dialogue, wherein I repremand myself for not following proper troubleshooting procedure. (Test it, change one thing, test it, change one thing test it, etc.) Since I hadn't even gotten it to disconnect yet, changing something would leave a question as to the root cause of the issue.

I decided that what I did was a bad idea, and I was foolish for making such a mistake, and for some reason, verbalized my disapproval.

Also, for some reason, I verbalized it as if I were a dinosaur.

Me: Rawwrrr! That was a bad idea! I should really change that back!
An awkward silence permeates the room.
Coworker: What the fuck?
Me: Uh... Nothing.

And it's not even Friday, yet.

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