Friday, July 04, 2008

Welcome to my world

When you start a game of Dwarf Fortress, you create a world. Though a complicated generation algorithm, realistic land masses, climates, weather, lakes, rivers, and mountains are formed.

Clicky for holy-shit-thats-hueg-leik-xbox size

My fortress is in the south east, a little north of that icy mountain north of the lake a little east of the bottom center of the map.

One character represents a region, which represents a local area of 16x16 characters, and each local character represents a few hundred by a few hundred characters of actual playable area. This means the actual playable size of the world measures somewhere between "what the shit" and "no, seriously, what the shit?!"

In the fortress mode, you select a smaller area of the local area you want to put your fortress in, but in adventure mode, you can travel the entire world, and explore a thousand years of history and civilization development.

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