Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Official acknowledgement of the Zombie threat!

In the wake of the 5.4 earthquake that shook Southern California, Arnold Schwarzenegger warned that we must prepare for "anything and everything."

He then got in a biohazard suit, put on a lead apron and lead gloves, donned SCUBA gear, took three inoculations, squeezed into a space suit, opened a hatch, and climbed a ladder down to a fallout shelter. Then a cement truck backed up, and poured a concrete foundation over the hatch, and another truck pulled up, and they placed a statue of Ahh-nold as the Terminator, standing atop a pile of dead unicorns, punching Genghis Khan in the face.

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blogagog said...

You're still not prepared. The aliens that are attracted to seismic activity on foreign planets have teleportation devices that are only foiled by a 1" layer of osmium.

Also, you should have some kind of plan B in case the concrete spontaneously explodes. He DID say 'anything and everything'...