Monday, July 07, 2008

Shooting clovers

This weekend at the range, for the first time, I shot clovers at 40 feet.

It's a beautiful thing. Pics will follow.

This was, of course, with the GP100 I shoot so well. Can't do it every time, but at this rate, I should be there soon.

In other news, I still suck at shooting glocks. The G19's front sight was too fat, putting me all over the paper. When I pulled the glock in closer to my face, I started shooting in an 8" circle COM. Feh.

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Fletch said...

I fucking love that Ruger.

While I was shooting double action, I was doing the trigger cocking thing, where you pull the trigger until it's just about to break.

All shots were made with two randomly put in the cylinder at a time.