Sunday, July 13, 2008


Here's the latest screenshot of my fortress Leaftome.

Dwarf fortress is still in alpha, and though many times you can play year after year, sometimes you can only make it to the second year before something happens, and your save gets corrupt.

The new year brought 18 migrants, and Leaftome really needed the extra hands. Unfortunately, they arrived from the south, where a particularly ill-tempered magma man was hanging out. I had been afraid of him early in the first year, and had sectioned us off, so he couldn't get to us from where he was. Unfortunately, this also meant the migrants couldn't make it to our fortress. They ran around as the magma man began shooting fire at the newly arrived dwarves, unsure of where to run. I quickly ordered a passage opened, and positioned my legendary miner (ultra-mighty) around a corner, so if the magma man made it through the passage, he would be attacked close range, instead of letting it shoot fire at the miner as he ran up to attack. Three migrants were down, and the magma man was following the remaining ones, already running for the safety of the fortress. I drafted another strong dwarf, and set him to join the miner when I got the message that my planter interrupted his task 'put item in stockpile' because he was 'interrupted by magma man.' I found him, running to pick up the items the dead migrants had dropped, and quickly forbade all the items near the magma man (which canceled the jobs of three dwarves, who had already started that suicide run). I drafted the planter (who was not very strong at all) so he'd fight, but he was no match, and was torn limb from limb. Literally. There was an arm lying a few spaces from the planter's final resting place. (Dwarf fortress is VERY specific with damage, you can literally rip off a monster's arm, and beat him to death with it)

The planter's death was not in vain, however, as he distracted the magma man long enough to stop him from following the migrants through the opening. I quickly ordered a wall built to block access again, but the magma man seemed satisfied with four dead dwarves, and didn't seem particularly interested in trying to make his way to the fortress. With the extra hands, (yet no blacksmith) we actually managed to get ALL the stone cleared out of the fortress! The magma moat was filling in nicely, and more of the craft jobs were getting done. Things were chugging along quite smoothly when I took another screenshot, saved, and quit.

It wasn't until I attempted to restore that I learned the fate of Leaftome.


I think I'll be backing up saves from now on, so at least I can restore back a save, and see if I can get around the corruption, of if it's inevitable once some unknown set of actions is set in motion.

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Anonymous said...

That sucks, computer errors are lame, at least when something physical breaks you get a tangible manifestation of your fuckup.