Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Chilled to my core.

Xavier has an unbelievable post up.

Two Texarkana teens rode the train from Dallas to downtown Garland Texas to commit a crime because, "dat's where the rich white folks stay at." They ran into two men in front of a Christian music studio, and engaged them in conversation. At some point the conversation ended, and the teens left, then returned to ask for a cigarette. One of the teens then drew a gun, and shot the two men, then as they tried to retreat, he executed them by shooting them in the head.

The following is a video of the teen's confession, and a twisted glimpse into the unfathomable mind of a remorseless murderer.
Do not watch this video if you want to remain ambivalent about carrying the means for your own self protection.

This video should be aired once a day on each channel to make people understand that evil exists in this world. Pure. Plain. Inexplicable. Evil.

You can argue until you're blue in the face about what drove this BOY to do what he did, and feel nothing about it. But it won't change a goddamn thing for Matthew Butler and Stephen Swan.

*pauses for a tissue, and a little prayer (for the first time in a very long time)*

How could such unflinching evil exist?

Because eternal love, and forgiveness exists.
Jamie had a message for the person who took away her husband and the father of their children.

"I hope that whoever did this that they would come to know Christ," she said.

"I hope and pray that my husband gets a chance to meet them in heaven and gets a chance to shake their hand and gets a chance to forgive them himself."

I break down crying for the first time in years.

no blogging for a while. when you come back to my blog and find no updates. just watch that video again, and read that woman's words. it's hard to sit here and write to change people's minds when people just keep dying. You read, and you read and you read and you read, and you come here, and youtype little messages in your little corner of the world and you feel like maybe just maybe you're doing omething right. but there it is. evil. brought to you by youtube. delivered all the way from texas straight to your eyes. what can you do? these aren't words on a blog, or pixels on a screen or ones and zeros of electricity flying aroudn the world. they're people. and they're evil. and they're innocent. and they're dying. and they're living. and they're getting off on good behavior EVERY FUCKING MINUTE. people don't fucking care. not you guys of course. if you're here is'ts because you understand what's out there. it's everyone else. the ones who just skip around waiting for the next great thing to happen to them, and voting for whomever's going to promise that next great thing. this country doesn't hav a problem with rose colored glasses. it has a problem with the people who DON"T wear them. "how could you be so negative? how could you think like that? how how how?" That's how. look at that fucking video. that's how.

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Anonymous said...

Illinois won't allow CCW (I'm sure you can relate) so the only thing I have for defensive carry is a pocket knife, but I think Xavier is right; the most critical aspect of personal protection is one's mindset. If it makes you feel any better at all, this video has prompted me to take my shotgun from unloaded-and-locked-in-a-case status to cruiser-ready-under-the-bed-ready-in-5-seconds status. I might be barred from effectively protecting myself in public from this kind of person (more accurately; this kind of remorseless inhuman monster), but I'll be damned if I'm going to let some goblin take my life just because he can't find any meaning in his, not in my fucking house.

blogagog said...

"This video should be aired once a day on each channel to make people understand that evil exists in this world."

For real. It's not even just 'evil'. It's more callous than that. It's complete indifference for others. Like they're not even people. Yet another example of why people should carry weapons.

The weird thing is that Garland is fairly 'low class/low income' like most areas west of Dallas. Rich folks of all colors live primarily on the north side, in Plano and Richardson.

Kent McManigal said...

gudis, No one has an obligation to obey a counterfeit "law" such as one forbidding tools of self defense. I know it is dangerous to defy the LEOs (Liberty Eradication Operatives) and the goons who pull their strings, but it is still even more dangerous to abdicate your responsibility. Your decision, of course, but that is exactly my point.

Mike said...

I agree with everything you said here. Sometimes it's like we're the only ones who are willing to point out that the Emperor is naked. Just like in that story, pointing out the plain and obvious truth gets you mocked and reviled by the morons who decided long ago to quit trusting their eyes and their brains.

That kid had his mind made up long before he says he did. Just so everybody knows it, "got a cigarette?" is a classic opening to a mugging or assault. It lets the attacker to get in arm's reach.

Anonymous said...

"You got the time?" is another classic intro to a mugging.

Last time I checked, the punishment in my county for carrying a concealed weapon w/o permit (if you have no convictions or gang affiliations) is a $200 fine on a first offense. Possibly down two hundred bucks, or have two sub-human pieces of shit just stroll up and blast me...tough choice.

Some of my friends think its funny that I appear "on edge" all the time, living in condition orange. This is just another example of the danger inherent with living in condition white.

JP said...

I live in the DFW area. These fools got a whole lot of cash and goods from their victims. . .$2 and an old Ford Crown Vic.
I foresee another pair of quick Texas executions in the future.