Thursday, December 09, 2004

Smashed, Hammered, Wasted, etc...

Sounds like fun???

I was invited to a medium sized party this Saturday. Yesterday I got a call from the host who advised that the party was going to start early (late afternoon) to allow for a bit of food, followed shortly by hours of drinking, and crashing there. We were advised to bring a blanket because we shouldn't depend on being able to drive home. Dually noted.

I was never one for drinking. I've been known to do so with close friends, but never purely for social reasons. It just never held much of an allure to me. Instead, it held quite the opposite.

How many drunks do you remember fondly?

Yes, I know drinking isn't synonymous with "getting drunk" or any of those other colorful euphamisms. But it just never really made sense to me.

As a result, on the opportunities I've had to get drunk I've taken care to become only buzzed, or (on one occasion) really buzzed. This was kind of fun, I suppose, I remember everything, I think! and I can say with relative self-impugnity that I had fun.

This time, however...

I openly plan to take my time getting drunk so I can enjoy the ride (and possibly forget) as much as possible.
I realize that is is kind of an odd thing to plan for, I've never really been a person who plans ahead, heh... but I've always been careful around alcohol, because I don't think there's anything cool or smart or funny about stumbling about, and puking all over yourself. Ok, maybe funny...

But I suppose I'll soon find out. Funny, since I've decided this, I've been looking forward to Saturday very much. I suppose I'm just anxious to try new things!

Isn't that what life's all about???

Now, I shall away to the corner! To buy some cocain, and try yet another new thing!
Nothing like living life to its fullest!

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