Tuesday, December 28, 2004

ert! no Christmas update???

Yeah, well, like I said over and over, money's been tight... So I've been very careful to downplay the need of other people to buy us things... since... we can't buy them anything... But, I definately had a great time with my family and my girlfriend's family, the Lakers lost (I don't follow basketball, but I've grown annoyed with Kobe of late, and hoped he would lose.) I say "hoped HE would lose" instead of "hoped THE LAKERS would lose" because the lakers belong to Kobe (according to one of his many arrogant quotes).

Good heavens! The highlight of christmas, a four day weekend, possibly my birthday (Dec 30!), and probably new years, is almost assuredly going to be going paintballing yesterday...

Sounds good to me!


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