Wednesday, December 08, 2004


This one was for a coworker of mine who's son's name is Tristain.

I had a nice mouse
Then Tristan found my nice mouse
I had a nice mouse

I wrote this in a moment of encompassing futility.

Work my ten hour day
Up all night watching patches
Late to work again

This one was for fun, I do like (well prepaired) tofu though.

Tofu once again.
Flavor devoid healthy goo.
Make some real food.

What? I love pineapple!

Pineapple is good
Pineapple in light syrup
Pineapple pancakes

We're all so disconnected, but so united we don't even know it

We're stuck in traffic
People are hot and angry
Honks of brotherhood

Ah Nethack... Why must I love it so?

Goodbye Jim the Rogue
Killed by a newt while helpless
Must I love Nethack?

After being forced to use IE.

*Click* Pop-up *Click* Pop!
Do you trust "Speed download bar"?
I'll switch to Firefox

This one was forced. I think it shows.

Bill loaded windows
A computer seppuku
Death by your own code

Hell, the code he used to write windows 3.1 is probably still in XP! hahaha... *sob*

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