Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Friggin' Sweet!

Sweet ass!

I got my OpenGL Goban
working on my laptop!
Now I can play go in 3D!

Hey, funny story; true story, this program will not work on windows. It doesn't like my video card, but in linux, it doesn't seem to mind the video card. Go fig... heh, "go"...

Well... it was kinda cool. that's all...

It was a pain and a half getting all the libraries the program required. Coming from a linux fan, library dependencies has got to be the most annoying thing about linux...

At least RedHat Linux (which doesn't say much). I know Gentoo has a great package manager/downloader/installer, and Debian, and OSX... I guess RedHat just sucks... Oh well. Such is life... But seriously, go is the game you spend 5 minutes learning and the rest of your life perfecting. Seriously.

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