Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ca non-violent prisoner early release program releasing violent prisoners

AP: Calif. freeing some violent inmates

Gee, who could have thought they'd screw this up? Hmmmm...

Good job to the AP for pulling this info, and running the numbers. I'm sure it wasn't easy to assemble.

The basic premise of this legislation was flawed from the beginning. District attournies plea violent crimes down to lesser ones to get an easy conviction, the legislation only takes into account the most recent violation instead of the history of the prisoner, and it apparently includes a specific list of offenses that are considered "violent" instead of using actual discretion.

According to their data, my county released 278 inmates, 8 percent of which were in jail for crimes including assault, battery, corporal injury to a spouse, inflicting injury on a child, and resisting arrest.

I'm sure these 22 recently incarcerated fellows are out finding jobs, and giving back to the community at this very moment. Let me just put my gun over here... Because I'm going to clean it later... Much later...

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