Monday, March 08, 2010

Top 10 worst things about Battlefield Bad Company 2 online

10. Failure to exhibit intelligence involving kits. (swap kits back and forth to drop med/ammo packs or revive teammates after a battle)
9. Assault players/medics who don't throw ammo packs/med packs.
8. Shitty tank drivers on your team, skilled ones on the other.
7. Shitty helicopter pilots on your team, skilled ones on the other. (the latter of which can end a game in minutes. Way to go, DICE.)
6. Lack of communication between squad members.
5. No team balance. Ever. (2 vs 10? Don't be a pussy.)
4. Griefers. (Seriously? You have nothing better to do?)
3. Team-killing over UAVs. (this is why we can't have nice things)
2. Fixed spawning (IE: insta-death)

And the number one worst thing about playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 online is...

1. Your squad, and quite possibly team, consists entirely of snipers. ALWAYS.

That's right, neither rain, nor sleet, nor attacking, nor defending, nor game play, nor situation, nor map, nor lack of visibility in game, nor complete and utter failure on your team's part will prevent the L33t snyp3rz from being snipers. So don't even try. It wouldn't be so bad if they actually played recon; moving forward, spotting targets, planting tracer darts on vehicles, planting C4 on popular roadways to destroy enemy vehicles, calling in mortar strikes on high value targets. You know, useful things? Instead they sit in one spot, even if the field has moved forward TWICE, and do nothing but shoot at, and get killed by, the other team's snipers. Sucking up respawns, and contributing little. I think the reason you can only talk to your squad, and you can't talk to your entire team (even in the lobby) is to prevent the people who are actually playing the game as intended from verbally berating their entire team for the idiocy displayed in gameplay.

There was 45 minutes-- FOURTY FIVE MINUTES-- where I played the game like it was supposed to be played. My squad wasn't full of snipers, and I made a comment, and my squadmates responded! We worked together, reporting enemy positions, spawning on eachother with support classes that were needed, and planning movements! We played the game as it was intended, and we won both times, and got the best squad award both times. It was awesome. I get the feeling BFBC2 will get better once all the Modern Warfare deathmatchers get tired of the game.

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