Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Every civilization is three meals away from anarchy

Yours too.
"First they looted food stores, then supermarkets looking for anything, and now they started with the houses. Today, life isn’t worth anything here. What the earthquake hasn't destroyed, this has".

How's that disaster kit looking?

Remember, you can't eat gold, nor can you drink ammunition and guns.


Anonymous said...

You may be right about the gold (and silver) for the short term.
But the guns & ammo will be used to protect what food (& other) storage you have against two-legged predators.

B Woodman

Fletch said...

The guns and ammo are so you can protect the water and food you stockpiled. The gold is so you can trade with other people who have water and food stockpiled.

The point is, gold can't buy what isn't for sale, and guns can't protect what you don't already have.

Even if you're of a looter mentality, guns can only give you the power to steal what exists in the area.

If all the food is gone, and all the water is contaminated, you'll still only be the richest, most powerful man starving to death.

So stockpile food and water, and have the means (guns) and ability (proficiency) to protect it.

Anonymous said...

ET -
That's what I was referring to. That I (and others like minded) have, and are continuing, to stock food and water.
Again, the G & A are to protect & defend what we already have, not take form someone else.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

That's "from", not "form".

B Woodman