Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The state of California gun shows

Visited the fun show last weekend, and realized that we've come so far in a few short years.

Things you can buy at the gun show;
All parts to make a complete AR, or complete rifles in California configuration. Complete AK clones, and all parts and accessories. Ditto for FALs, AUGs Galils, and any other EBR you can imagine. You will pay the California tax (+10% for no reason), and it will be sold to you in a legal configuration (mag locked or no "evil" features) but you are the one who makes sure it stays in a legal configuration, not the sellers.

You can buy all parts of regular capacity (>10 round) magazines for almost any firearm you can find at the show, and more. You WILL pay a premium, and these parts are not to be assembled into a new working magazine (they're only for replacing worn out magazines you legally own). Because there is no registration or tracking of legally owned regular capacity magazines, there is no way for anyone to know that you've created a new magazine with these parts, so... just... don't. I guess...

Longguns older than 50 years old may be sold by one private party to another cash and carry. This means that if you find a guy with a Garand slung on his back with a sign that says "For Sale," prove your California residency, tell him you're not a prohibited person, and put $800 in his hand, he'll hand you the rifle free and clear. Also, black powder rifles and handguns (that cannot be easily converted centerfire) are not considered firearms, and you can buy them as easily as you would a sandwich. By the way, pp to pp transfers have nothing to do with gun shows, or any kind of loophole within them. They can take place in a Ralphs parking lot. There is no magic at the gun show.

You can buy ballistic vests so long as you indicate you are not a felon, and you can buy as much ammo as your plastic will let you. You can buy AK flats and jigs, but good luck finding any parts kits (those dried up a while ago).

Any transfer of firearms between dealer and private party, or between private parties of a longgun under 50 years old or a handgun must go through an FFL, and undergo a 10 day waiting period. There are many FFLs from many different local areas around the show, doing transfers. 10 day waiting periods are individual to the gun, so if you buy two rifles and one handgun, you can have them all in 10 days. Only one handgun per 30 days may be purchased, but you can stack them. Buying three handguns means you can take home your first in 10 days, then 30 days from the first was DROS'ed the dealer runs DROS on the second, and 10 days later you can pick it up, etc. I know folks who have handguns purchased out to three years.

We still are stuck with the "safe" list, so any handgun sold by a dealer must be on the California safe list, but handguns NOT on the safe list and owned by private parties may be bought and transfered to you. These are usually grandfathered in before the "safe" list, or brought into the state by people moving here. Cops are exempt from the safe list, and can make good money buying off-list guns, and reselling them for a healthy profit. Not sure how the ATF feels about this, but hey.

Most of this progress is due SOLELY to the efforts of the CalGuns Foundation, which started out as little more than a forum of gunnies who got together and brainstormed. The gaps in California's laws were identified, confirmed, and exploited. Even now, CGF has a brilliant lineup of cases waiting to be triggered to effectively nullify "may issue" CCW permitting, prove the "safe" list unconstitutional, and more.

Gunnies all over America frequently express their desire for Kommiefornia to break off, and sink into the ocean. While they complained, California continued to produce stupid gun laws that metastasize to the rest of the country. After Heller, gun owners went on the legal offensive, and California was no different. So if you want to stop bad laws from making it to capitol hill and YourTown USA, why not help fight it before it gains steam? Support CGF in its fight to defeat the laws that so many other states (and districts!) based THEIR laws off of. An ounce of prevention, and all that.

What has YOUR state done for gun rights lately?

If any other Kommiefornians want to add to this post, please feel free to comment!


Gudis said...

What has YOUR state done for gun rights lately?

It let Chicago get away with the blatantly unconstitutional gun laws that McDonald et al sued over. That's something, right?

Anonymous said...

SCREW CALIFORNIA..Nazi Goose Stepping SOB's Their giving the finger to the Constitution Of The United States, OUR FOREFATHERS!
Wake Up!

Anonymous said...

There are lots of California citizens who do not vote Democrat...the problem with America is Democratic politicians and people who vote for them...not people who just happen to live in California!