Monday, March 08, 2010

Forget the Golden Horde...

SurvivalBlog: Confronting Kleptocracy--Identifying The Looter Mentality
The greatest threat we someday face might not be unprepared masses from the inner cities. No, it might be overweight armchair commandos from the suburbs, who's only preparations were buying a set of camo fatigues and an AR-15. That is a nightmare just waiting to happen.

While the Christian overtones do not exactly apply to all, suggesting a flat denial is a bit narrow. What if these same heavily prepared Christians were heavily hit by a flood/tornado/looting/fire, and lost all preps except for a loaded revolver? To say that you would let your children starve to death before you took a metaphorical pie from a window sill is a denial of every natural instinct we have, and foolish.

Certainly the pie from the window sill is a bit different than icing a 45 year old father of two, but now is the time to start thinking about your limits. People lose it when they have to deal with something unforeseeable too quickly, so start trying to foresee things while you can. Backups for your backups are not a bad idea either. Maybe you help your nearby friend or family member with their preps with an understanding that you will help each other out if something terrible happens.

But that complaint is just a small part of a very solid post, which definitely raises some interesting points, and is worth your time.


Mike said...

This is one reason why having participating in a group is a good idea.

Anonymous said...

The folks at figuratively stoned the writer of the "looting" article to death. A definite shun-the-non-believer mass psychosis.

The thrust of the article was how to survive off the fat of the land and ignored the existence of other human beings for the most part.

Personally IF I'm on the run, and not aware of any ownership of resources that I stumble upon damn tootin' I'm grabbing enough to keep on the run. IF there is any indication of ownership of the needed resources then just as damn tootin' I'll attempt to barter or return the favor in kind (even if the owner is not present).

Of course it is necessary to be aware of what I call the yellow horde. Those couch-commandoes that do plan on taking what they need regardless of ownership or circumstance. The fellow that wrote the article did not appear to be that type of person.

SHUN! SHUN! SHUN the non believer!

NotClauswitz said...

When Obama gets through with us there will be NO "fat of the land" off which to live. A recent News perturbation about Chevron re: the Martinez refinery scared me into wondering what it would be like if the gasoline supply to California was gradually squeezed dry. Can't be "on the run" if you've got no propellant for the running - you'll be sheltering in place. Meanwhile he's selling-out to George Soros and Brazilian oilco Petrobras to drill where we can't.

Anonymous said...

DirtCrashr, we don't need no stinkin gas to be on the run...It's the SoLLLLLe Train...

Take it away Don!