Friday, February 12, 2010

Security Guards provide neither security nor guard

So how many places do you go where you see people in jackets that say SECURITY? Did these jackets make you feel safer? Maybe just a little bit? Did their presence make you think the area was less likely to be targeted for crime or violence? Whoops.

Maybe they can just make stickers that say "False sense of" and put them above the "SECURITY" on their jackets.

UPDATE: We're talking about this on the channel, and some interesting points came up. Kicking someone in the head is widely considered attempted murder, and is therefore a felonious act. If a bystander with a CCW permit was nearby, had a shot, and took it safely, either wounding or killing the attacker, we wouldn't be hearing about how this person saved this 15 year old girl while security did nothing, we'd be reading about how this dangerous, possibly racist vigilante murdered one of two teens during a minor dispute. Remember, this is Seattle.

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