Wednesday, February 03, 2010

9 days after prisoner early release begins, first offender returns after almost raping woman 12 hours after release



CBS: Inmate Released Early Arrested On Rape Charges

A scant 9 days after the California prisoner early release program, which is in the process of releasing 6,500 "low level" offenders over the next year, the first "low level" offender has returned to prison.

12 hours after being released, he walked into a counseling office, and sat down with a female office worker in a room, in a full office, in the middle of the day, and attempted to rape her. Fortunately, she was able to call for help, and he was interrupted before he could complete the attack.

Now, normally he would have been tossed back in jail for a parole violation, but since these early release prisoners are on "special" parole ("special" now apparently being used interchangeably with the word "not"), he has to be tried on this new case, at the mere cost of tens of thousands of dollars the county already doesn't have.

Wonder if they'll give him bail?

But why would he try to rape this woman? He's a "low level" offender! Oh wait...
"Certainly, everyone would agree that to strike someone with a broomstick is a violent act, but under the specific provision set forth by this emergency declaration of law... it does not qualify," McGinness said.

So this brilliant early release program to save the state money and make us safer, is going to cost the counties more money, and threaten the safety citizens all across the state.

Government: If you think our problems are bad, you should see our solutions.

But don't worry, there's money to monitor cow farts. The news radio story said it was budgeted $400,000, but I can't find any links with that figure. I can't imagine it's too far off.

Oh yeah, by the way, LA is so low on money they're considering laying off police, and freezing police hiring.

Hey, California legislature? Be honest... Your actually trying to destroy this state, aren't you?

I say we just give everyone a coach gun, and let this shit sort itself out. Sure, it would be a rough couple of months, but it would solve the inmate problem for a generation!


Anonymous said...

Use your brain; No matter what, an inmate released on parole who was accused of attempted rape would be tried. A violation does not constitute a strike, an attempted rape conviction does so he would have been charged and tried at the cost to taxpayers last year, this year or next year. Was the inmate released solely due to the early release or would he have been released anyways? Non-revocable parole does not mean he cannot be rearrested for a crime, he was. Put in all the facts unless you are too afraid the complete picture does not support your cause and point of view. Sounds like the LAPD union (LAPPL) or the California Correctional Peace Officers Association (CCPOA) at it again. In case you did not notice the state and the people of the state are drowning in debt so unless we find someway to reduce spending God Forbid, the problem will not go away. Why is it the only ones you ever support being released are politicians nailed for crimes committed in office?

Fletch said...

Sorry Anon. Nice try.

My reply is here.

Anonymous said...

If this inmate planned on raping someone, it wouldnt have mattered if he was let out a couple of weeks early or if he did his full sentence. This is ridiculous. Let the media run wild and discredit the early release situation. The truth be, like I said, if he would have done his full sentence and had it in his heart he was going to do this, it wouldnt have mattered when he got out. So stop the scare tactics that the media plays so well with. This stuff happens every day and the spotlight is on this one story all because he was an early release. You wouldnt have even heard about it if it was a "normal" person or someone that had done is time the way he should have. I am in no way discrediting what happened as it was wrong, but its not because of the new release program, its because this individual who did this had the heart and will to do this no matter when he got out. Early release was not the cause of this, a criminal mind was the cause of this! Sheezzz....get a grip people.

Fletch said...

Good point Anon.

Lets just let them all go.

I mean; what's the point when they're all going to get out at some point anyway, right? So who cares if someone gets raped or murdered today or a week from today, or a year from today, or a decade from today?

I changed my mind. You're not a teacher, are you? You must be a student. Do your parents know you go on blogs and try to change peoples' minds with your half-baked ideas?

Mike said...

Nah, he's gotta be a teacher - he's too stupid to be a student.