Monday, February 15, 2010

Quote of the helped him like I wish somebody had helped me

I said "I've had the same one of those for 25 years, it'll last ya forever."
The shit was on. He was just getting starting reloading and started asking questions. What do I need, what would I be wasting money on, what does this do?
Fuck me running. I remember wanting to know the same shit when I first got started and having nobody to ask. Whattya gonna do, right? So I helped him like I wish somebody had helped me.
Two HOURS later, he was set. That poor fucker was down $300, I was down $70 but he was set up to load 45s and 223s. And he had the best set-up he could afford. I started to give him my cell number in case he ran into any problems but I was afraid his wife would use it track me down and throttle me.

Those of you familiar with Wirecutter know that he could be described as ornery. He's not someone who you might expect to go out of his way to help you. But he went out of his way here because he knew what it was like.

Follow Wirecutter's example, and go out of your way for a shooting newbie.

I'm pulling out the heroes tag for this one to remind us all that you don't have to save someone from a burning building to be a hero. Well, that and, TWO FRICKIN' HOURS!

For those of you who doubt Wirecutter's heroism in this situation, I ask you to go to the reloading section of your local shop, and try to ask the customers there for help. Try not to get cut by the daggers they shoot at you. What the fuck is wrong with most gunnies that makes them such douchebags?


wirecutter said...

Aw, now I'm famous!
I can see it now, hordes of new reloaders beating down my door, stopping me in the streets, seeking my wisdom......
Seriously though, I'll help anybody that I can with anything that has to do with guns. And I can guarantee you that the guy that I helped will now do the same thing if he has the chance.
Thanks for the post. Very cool....

pkn said...

I can also vouch for wirecutter being very cool about sharing his wisdom and knowledge.
no comment on the onery part.....

Anonymous said...

Maybe the reloaders that are shopping in stores are angry. Between mfg not being able to keep up with demand (yeah right), price increases and hoarders it can be frustrating. Then again it could be that they are just plain dumb for buying local. I live in Kalifornia and buy nearly everything (including reloading supplies) online just to avoid the sales tax.

I do go to stores occasionally but mostly to touch and feel then go home and buy it online.