Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Judge stalls prisoner early release in Sac. due to safety, confusion

CBS: Judge Halts Early Release Of Inmates In Sac County
The prisoner early release program has been temporarily stalling IN SACRAMENTO ONLY. All other prisons in all other counties are still scheduled for releases.

I had heard that it was particularly confusingly written, but all that nonsense is confusingly written to me. They're not even sure if the county prisons are supposed to participate in the early release program.

So far, all those released have been from county prisons. The release of state prisoners is where most of my concern lies, and none have gone out just yet.

If I were one of the legislators who pushed this bill, I'd be in constant communication with the people on the review board, and I'd be pulling the initial charges of those up for early release to make sure assault and robbery didn't get pleaded down to robbery for an easy guilty plea.

Who do you think the people are going to blame after the first person is killed?

Were I a more cynical man, I might take issue with Sacramento passing this threat to public safety, and then making it not apply to them.

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