Thursday, February 18, 2010

Business paperwork reveals the idiocy of California's management

Since California is running out of money, they've started furloughing state workers from many agencies. Usually closing down the agency or office two Fridays a month.

While the furloughs are necessary as a cost-cutting measure, there are still some politics to be played with the furloughs.

By purposely making the furloughs take place on services the tax-paying public uses (park management, DMV, etc) they can make the furloughs more visible to the public, in order to remind them that if they want to continue using these services unfettered, they should approve the tax increases they failed to pass previously.

But true to California form, there had to be a way to mess this up.

They furloughed the state franchise tax board.

The arm of the state government that processes a large amount of the income that comes into the state has to be closed twice a month because they're not getting enough income in.

I swear, if California was in charge of providing the state with fresh air, we'd all have suffocated long ago.

Well, we ARE running out of water...

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Davidwhitewolf said...

Ahem. WE in NorCal are NOT running out of water. We have plenty. It's just being stolen by salmon-hating farmers and desert-dwelling suburbanites who insist on having lawns.

Juuuust kidding.