Thursday, February 04, 2010

Outlaw cyber bullying?

Boston Globe: Bullying legislation gains new urgency

Once this passes, the question will be, "Why not outlaw regular bullying?" Then, "What constitutes bullying?"

Then we'll see a flurry of local and federal bills banning eye contact, raised voices, and furrowed brows.

Seriously, what ever happened to teaching your kids to have thick skin?

If all it took for you to off yourself is some harsh text messages, I submit that you weren't going to last long anyways.

Shame on the parents for not teaching their kid that there are people in the world who make themselves feel better by making others feel worse, or identifying the signs of an increasingly desperate teenage girl.

It's a shame all this girl's potential had to be lost because no one told her that there are bad people in the world.

One of the hidden dangers of liberal ideals.

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Windy Wilson said...

Dennis Prager says, "The bigger the government the smaller the person". I would have to add to that, "The bigger the government the weaker the person", which is the situation we are developing here.