Monday, February 15, 2010

Feb 21st is Starbucks Appreciation Day for gun rights supporters!

I said earlier that we need to support Starbucks' refusal to bend to the will of the Brady Campaign with our money, but this idea is even better!
Therefore I would like to announce that one week from today on Sunday February 21 gun owners should have a Starbucks Appreciation Day.

I would like to suggest we do this without an overt display of firearms. Our message of Starbucks Appreciation will be overshadowed by the known presence of firearms if we make having a firearm on our person the point of the message. Let's keep it simple and let the barista and manager know why we're making a purchase that day.

You can get the message across just as well by saying something like:

Please know I'm here because firearm owners across the country want to show Starbucks our appreciation for your decision not to ostracize customers who own and carry guns.

I'm going to be consuming Starbucks products on a regular basis now and would like for other gun rights supporters to do the same. But next Sunday we should make a point of telling them why and explicitly telling them thank you.

I think it's important that you tell the manager if you can.

Get the word out!

I'll be there! Will you?

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Anonymous said...

Excellent idea. I put a new post on my blog with serious linkage to this ( and added a link on a local forum ( The nearest Starbucks to me is about 20-25 miles away, but I will be there Sunday having the dark roast of the day with a shot of espresso.