Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Suddenly, lack of content!

Sorry about the lack of content folks. Being sick has killed my drive to do anything that requires actual thought, which is why I'm at work. (slow month) So I'll share some random thoughts I've been working on.

Band of Brothers: Bought the box set, and watched it while sick over the weekend. It's fucking awesome. Reaffirms my suspicion that paying for teevee entertainment is the best way to go.

Carls Jr new steak sandwich thing: Pretty fucking good.

Jury duty: The government spends literally BILLIONS on complete bullshit, but when it comes to our civic duty they can't be bothered to offer more than $8 a day or whatever the pay is for jury duty? What the shit? Where is the push to match work pay for jury duty? You would think that people would be more inclined to push for this, but then you remember that getting out of jury duty is easy, and courts probably prefer the caliber of mind they can buy so cheaply.

Sick: I'm just now starting to get some new symptoms for my... whatever I have. Stuffy nose, and phlegmy cough. It's like I'm getting sick in slow motion. Ghey.

Absolved: Absolved is a work of fiction written by Mike Vanderboegh. I put off reading it for a long time, and finally forced myself to start it, and wound up burning through the first 4 chapters in one session. An entertaining, informative read that is definitely worth your time.

9mm AR: I've been looking for something to fit a niche in my arsenal collection. An SMG basically. Something small, reliable, and in an available pistol caliber. I was thinking about building up a sten or a ppsh (legally california neutered, of course), but the solution was staring me in the face the whole time. Just get a 9mm upper that can use those 9mm mags I have from before 2K.

Extra money: It's always worrisome when you check your account, and see too much money. Because then you worry what bill you missed.

Guns: No new guns. I've been paying attention to the ones I already have. Ammo, and practice, and such. I'm pretty sure the Buckmark is improving my handgun skill. I picked up my XD, which I had been neglecting, and found my groups greatly improved from the last time. Last range trip I was doing some seriously good shooting. I showed the guys I know who work there the groups and they joked that it might be time to start shooting for money. Been thinking about M1As for a while.

Most important meal of the day: A while ago I realized that I was eating two meals a day, which must have been hell on my metabolism. I started eating oatmeal before I leave for work, and not eating right before bed, and in about a week I could see a difference. Just gotta figure out light snacks to keep my body chugging along while I sit and do nothing at work.

Rush: Started listening to Rush on the way in to work, just 15-20 minutes, and damn is he good. No wonder he's the man.

Bailout: Pretty much. So where's all this liquidity? Where's the HUEG rebound? Where's the chicken in every pot, and welfare check in every-- whoops. So, can you smoke in your government-owned house? Can you use a non-government approved plumber?

McCain's numbers fall: I already came to terms with a democrat win a while ago. I really like Palin, but McCain seems hell-bent on reminding me why I shouldn't like him.

MSM: Is it just me, or are the democrat lap dog press easing up? Methinks their public circle jerk of Obama love was enough to make even them realize how hard it is to assume some level of objectivity with Obama's flacid dick in their collective mouth.

Gun Boards: I ignored gun boards I frequent for a while because I was just annoyed with all the political nonsense. I missed out on a few important events that were well covered on the board. These forums are becoming news services, and early warnings, and I'll try to sift through them every day.

Barney Frank: I don't know how I went so long without hearing him speak, but did he have a stroke or something? Is he a little slow? How the fuck do you walk into a booth and pull the lever for that? He sounds and looks like a damn cartoon character. His beliefs are certainly cartoonish.

Halloween: All my costume ideas would require beard shavery, and I'm not sure I wanna.

Hearts and Minds: When people start talking about the economy, and how horrible things are right now, just ask them two things. Ask them what they've had to sacrifice, and when they say they've had to give up very little, but they're so sure everyone else is suffering; ask them to ask a friend the same question. Even if they don't figure out that things aren't that bad, you can amuse yourself with their tap-dancing to explain their "unexpected" results.

Long curly hair: Chicks dig it. Srsly. Glances last longer, smiles come with winks, and butts wiggle more. I'm not really interested because I'm already taken, and pretty selective anyways, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy it.

Conditioner: I know this is man card revocation stuff right here, but conditioner is the shit. My long hair has been difficult to manage, but when I tried some of my girlfriend's conditioner it was like night and day. Easier to brush, dries better, and stays awesome longer.
Conditioner is the shit.

Hunting: I've been entertaining the notion of going hunting. Probably a guided thing to start out, but I just want to know I can do it. Unfortunately most clubs are too... odd... for me.

Superjail: The new show on Adult Swim is insane even by Adult Swim's standards.
Holy shit. What the Fuck. AWESOME.

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