Friday, October 31, 2008

I yelled at the radio today. I feel old.

The news played a clip from a certain socialist running for president.

"If you're going to lose your house, we're going to buy up your loan, and make you a new one you can afford. That's the American dream."

NO! That is NOT the American dream, John McCain! It is NOT the American dream to live in a government-owned house! It is NOT the American dream to give congress the power to vote restrictions on the property THEY OWN that you HAPPEN to live in!

You think you're going to be able to smoke in your government-owned house?
You think you're going to be able to use a NON-APPROVED plumber on your government-owned house?!

Wait till the government SAFETY INSPECTORS show up to make sure you're complying with all the regulations they've imposed.

Living FREE is the American dream.

Living with government assistance is NOT the American Dream. Time and time again, the government insinuates itself into new markets and imposes its will with the promise of FREE MONEY.

The states jumped at the idea of free money for their highways. But once they were dependent upon it, the government threatened to turn off that money unless the states complied with their demands.

It will happen to your house. Even if it doesn't happen in the first round of home buying.

Free money is VERY expensive.

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