Thursday, October 23, 2008

And you're not on the IRC channel, why?

Unix-Jedi: Even if the men had received weapons training, she wrote, that "cannot alone show they are dangerous, unless millions of United States resident citizens who have received fire arms training are deemed to be dangerous as well."
Unix-Jedi: Well, now.
Unix-Jedi: I guess we're all equal to Jihadist in the activist judge vision
Salamander: I feel better already
ET: Wonder if I can train under a pseudonym
Unix-Jedi: You can be Hakim
Unix-Jedi: pdb is Achmed
ET: I was thinking something along the line of, hakim mohammad mohammad mohammad
Unix-Jedi: Stingray is Saleem
ET: or maybe mohammad mohammad mohammad mohammad mohammad
Unix-Jedi: I, of course, shall be Mohammed.
ET: or maybe mohammad mohammad mohammad mohammad mohammad al-mohammad
ET: bin-hammad
Unix-Jedi: Just so you have no image of him!
Unix-Jedi: Unless, of course, you're one of the 40% of Muslims who are OK with that, and carry one daily.
Salamander: I'll be Saleemander then
* Stingray has quit (
ET: they got stingray!
* ET does that crazy warbling middle-east yell
* Salamander fires rounds into the air
ET: I <3 this channel so much
pdb: dirka dirka mohammad jihad?


* Stingray ( has joined #gunblogger_conspiracy
ET: Stingray returns!
* ET does that crazy warbling middle-east yell
pdb: lililililililil!
ET: thank Allah you are safe, al-hakim-mohammad-Stringray!
Stingray: The joy-hating gaze of Allah, praise him, compelled me to inventory ammunition which apparently disrupted my connection to this magical box of information which I do not understand, not having invented anything in the last 2000 years other than a new way to roast a goat.

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