Friday, October 31, 2008

Buying AR-15s? Must be terrorists

Ryan Horsley, manager of Red's Trading Post in Twin Falls, says sales of assault-type rifles, such as military-style AR-15s, have jumped, far outselling traditional, bolt-action hunting rifles.

Why are regular people buying AR-15s? I thought they were evil weapons of war? I though they were "assault" weapons!

Could it be that they're just good rifles?

This is the disconnect that those faux-pro-gun politicians are so slow to keep up on. Joe Biden stands up and says, "I love the second amendment! I have a duck gun! That means I'm pro gun!" But the rank of hunters is dropping while the rank of shooters are growing.

No liberal politician would DARE claim to support the second amendment for *gasp* shooting paper! Oh no, guns are just for shooting furry and/or delicious animals. Just like it says in the Bill or Rights; "...the right of the people to shoot furry or delicious animals shall not be infringed."

We the people have chosen our guns.
We've chosen AR-15s.

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