Friday, October 24, 2008

Saturday Oct 25th is the last day

I hope everyone thinking about buying a gun in California knows what tomorrow is...

(EARLY) Tomorrow is the latest you can purchase a gun, and expect to have it in your hands before the election results are announced.

Buying a gun at 11 am Saturday October 25th will result in your being able to pick it up at or after 11 am Nov 4th.

I don't think it's too much of a stretch to think there will be rioting at the results of this presidential election. No matter the outcome.

If this is your course of action, I HIGHLY recommend-- no, I REQUIRE you go to the range and familiarize yourself with a rental of the same gun, or similar gun. Don't forget to buy ammo for the gun before you pick it up! (preferably right after you purchase it) An empty gun ain't worth a damn, and neither is a gun you don't know how to use, or are afraid to use!

Fuck it. Why not pick up some candles while you're out? :)

LA? Can you hear me???


Fletch said...

I would tell first-time gun buyers to buy a shotgun over a pistol, but it never works.

I've only had one recent event where I picked up a firearm at high alert, and the heavy 357 in my hand felt like a damn toy. I carefully and quietly made my way to the bedside shotgun, and returned feeling 10 times more confident.

John R said...

A public service announcement you won't see during prime time television.