Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Yugo Mausers

I hit the local gun shop over my lunch break to get some camping location info, and saw two Yugo Mausers on the wall.

Since I started getting interested in C&R rifles, I've read a lot about Mausers. Everybody loves them, but no one explains exactly why. I asked to see the two Mausers and inspected the wood, marks, bore, and action. It appeared to be in unfired condition, and was quite a piece of work. I tested the trigger a few times, and smiled as a unsupported standing position kept the front sight quite still. Best of all, the right-handed, bent bolt handle was still workable lefty. Impressed by the quality of the rifles, but not particularly blown away, I replaced the rifles, and thanked the gentleman behind the counter.

Two hours later I'm still thinking about those Mausers. Not sure if it's just regular rifle preoccupation, or if it's a Mauser thing.

Next gun show in a month.


Anonymous said...

The Yugos are about the roughest, crudest Mausers you can find. They're cheap and functional, but the quality is miles below an Argentine or Swedish Mauser.

freddyboomboom said...

It depends on the model, and vintage.

But I really like my 1950's vintage M48b Yugo Mauser.

And everyone that has fired it has enjoyed it also.