Friday, May 30, 2008

Bring back cholera!

"Their goal: move a household of two adults and five-year-old twin boys without burning fossil fuels that contribute to global warming."

The worst part, of course, is the implication that we should all return to a world where we needed to physically haul our belongings around like pioneers in covered wagons. Well, they may not mind if BILLIE DIED OF CHOLERA or YOU FORDED THE COLORADO RIVER: You lost 3 Wagon Wheels, 2 Axles, 23 Pounds of Food, Jane Died, Cletus Died but I most certainly do.

Roffle my waffles!

Awesome read over at MoronPundit, give him a click


blogagog said...

I hope they remember to buy laudanum.

Anonymous said...

I could never ford a fucking river in that game, it could be a foot deep and the goddamn wagon would sink.

Fletch said...

Too true Gudis. Why the fuck? Seriously.

Everyone knows it was all about the hunting anyway. :)