Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Overheard at work

Me: Pants pants pants...
Me: ...PANTS!
Me: Oh nooo! The community chest foreclosed on my pants!
Me: This is how I dance! When I'm not wearin' any pants!
Me: Not wearing any pants?! I'll not wearing any pants you!
Me: ...All the way to the bank!
Me: Puuut aaa banana in your paaaaaaaants!
Me: Heh heh. "Pants."
Me: [black vulcan]In my pants.[/black vulcan]
Me: It feels like someone with a fever is yelling at my pants!
Me: That's what SHE said... TO MY PANTS!
Me: ...
Me: I've been here for over 12 hours. Maybe I should go home.

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