Thursday, May 08, 2008


Since my Ruger boycott was over, I was on the look out for a few of his firearms. I stopped in to Turners to eye the merch, and I spotted one of the employees carrying a tagless GP100. I followed him from the other side of the counter until he pulled out a tag, and as soon as he filled in the price, asked to see it. Having already spoken to friends about how to check a revolver, I was able to see this one was in practically new condition. Bought it on the spot.

30 days later for the consignment to clear and a 10 day waiting period later (ugh) I was ready to shoot!

Ruger GP100

My best group.

6-shots 38 special DA at ~40 feet

I shoot this thing exceptionally well, one handed, and weak handed. With a little practice, I'll be awesome.

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