Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Program for Google... TO THE EXTREME!!!!!11

I'm a great coder, but I don't know if I'm an

What the hell is "extreme programming"? Is it anything like extreme ironing?

I dunno, maybe they should hire this guy. His programming in Swordfish could have been described as "extreme." They probably could have hired a computer consultant to give an idea what programming is REALLY like, and how to make it more exciting, but I think they might have ran out of money after bribing Halley Berry to show her sweater puppies.


some kind of robot said...

I was expecting more than one.

Fletch said...

Click it twice. :)

Schrodinger said...

Writing in assembly is extreme programming to me. That or PERL. I'd rather read Rosie O's blog than read PERL script.

Fletch said...

You DO know I'm a rather skilled PERL coder.

BTW, I DO take pride in shortening all my code as much as possible.

It's like greek... (if I do it right)

Anonymous said...

No, it's not quite as exciting as extreme ironing, nor is XP necessarily as hackish as writing the shortest code possible.

Listen. Test. Code. Refactor.

XP emphasizes high quality sources (even in closed-source projects), whose growth is a bit behind a comprehensive test suite, produced at a sustainable pace, that meets the customer's evolving needs, and that is revised mercilessly.

The test suite should be so good that all programmers feel free to change any code any where at any time to improve performance or maintainability (or write PERL haiku, incidentally), confident that the tests will instantly catch bugs.

And, by the way, it puts two coders on one machine.

At least, that's what http://extremeprogamming.org says. If I ever go into professional software development, I'd want to work for an XP company.

Fletch said...

Wow. I have enough problems with floating goals and never-ending projects without actually TRYING to work on never-ending projects. :)