Thursday, March 20, 2008

Unpredictable Jalapenos

As previously stated, I like spicy food. When picking up mexican food I like to grab a few jalapenos from the salsa bar, and eat them with my food.

If you eat jalapenos straight for long enough, you'll begin to realize that different brands come with a different average level of hotness. Some of these brands are so weak there is no point in eating them, while others register an impressive showing. The problem comes from the 1 out of 20 that doesn't fit the mold. Sometimes it takes the form of a pointlessly weak pepper, but sometimes it's an insane fire-breathing pepper of doom.

I was just eating some left over jalapenos from the fridge, and encountered that one out of twenty.
I'm 15 minutes in, and 6 brisk ice teas down. Things are starting to settle down...

Good times...

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